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DIGItal Transformation

At DIGIform we believe that any organisation, no matter how big or small, should be able to digitize their information to allow them to access to the data they need on demand.  This will not only save time and money, but also allow them to make better and more informed decisions.

Our process will assist you from beginning to end.  From getting the information into the system, to processing the information, retrieving your data and applying your data.

Our Passion

At DIGIform we have a passion for data.  We want to offer every customer the opportunity to have easy access to their information at the touch of a button.  No more disorganized paper documents and useless information.

DigiCapture Software has been developed with each and every customer in mind,  from off the shelf solutions, to tailormade packages.  No customer too big or too small.

Our Expertise

At DIGIform we have been dedicated our time and expertise since 2005 to finding better and more improved solutions to provide the industry with professional, customised technology solutions that will enhance their current systems, as well as establish new business processes.

Our dedicated team of engineers focus on developing new solutions to enhance the data extraction and classification processes to automate data and document workflows with increased accuracy and speed.  

We offer a wide spectrum of solutions, from simplified data extraction to intricate high-end data extraction, classification, analysis and integration processes.  Structured, as well as unstructured data can be processed at the click of a button.

Contact us today to become part of the data revolution!